Ghets Preview

The Gods fought a war and broke the world in half. On one side is Aphetrria, the land of Order, on the other side is Neradoom, the land of Chaos. In between is Ghetterhaven home to Ghets (Guides. Hunters. Explorers. Treasure Seekers) who make their living guiding Fellowships from either land on quests to provoke their ancient rival.

Reez the Orc is a Ghets, She greets every job with a grin and secretly hopes the contract ends with a fight and an excuse to set something on fire. Eager for work, Reez and her team agree to help the noble knight Sir Markus, and his Fellowship, rescue a kidnapped princess from a Dark Lord, (despite being the the ones that help kidnap her.)

Markus’s quest takes Reez and her Ghets deep into the chaotic lands of Neradoom where Dairkkul Pit Lords build armies of fiends out of living clay, swamps hide gluttonous horrors and there are kingdoms under the earth that can only be traversed by riding giant worms. Yet nothing in Neradoom is as deadly as the secret that Markus and his Fellowship carry. A secret that not only threatens both lands, but could tear Reez’s team of ghets apart. Forced to take responsibility for her part in this mess, Reez finds she must pick a side. Will she save the Princess? Or the Dark Lord?

Actively querying Ghets, we’ll see what happens! In the meantime, please enjoy a preview of the first few chapters:

Ghets Chapter 1

Ghets Chapter 2

Ghets Chapter 3